Programs, Trips and Activities

Our commitment to excellence permeates every part of our camp. We recruit and hire leading specialists for each of our daily activities including all Sports, Art, Baking, Zumba, and much much more….

We take great pride in the customized nature of our daily programming. Our periods, activities and programs are a strong reflection of the interests of our campers.

Here is a list of daily activities that are offered  to the various age divisions:











Our Program Calendar requires a full year of planning and coordinating. Our primary goal and focus are to provide the absolute best summer experience for each and every camper.

Other than our full-time specialists we also bring in guest specialists such as NBA players, Nationally acclaimed athletes, Music Recording artists, and more!


Here is a list of some of the past  Camp Ariel Treats and Surprises:

  • Carnivale!- A day in which inflatable Waterslides, obstacle course jump houses, inflatable sports competitions, bungee runs, Sumo suits, Mouse balls, etc. take over the outdoor yard. The campers have the ultimate Day of fun in the sun, topped with their favorite treats – snow cones, churros, hot pretzels, and cotton candy!

  • Make your own Pizza

  • Waffle Wednesdays– A Camp Ariel favorite. The campers are treated to a special gourmet waffle breakfast. Waffle Wednesdays are generally on Mondays so that our campers can ask why we call them Waffle Wednesdays

  • Color War– The much-anticipated highlight of the summer is the Color War. Beginning with the anticipation of the legendary Camp Ariel Color War Breakouts, through the 3-day competitive and spirit-filled programming from morning to night, and culminating with the annual Color War Night Finale, the campers and counselors are deeply engrossed in the Camp Ariel spirit. Some Camp Ariel Color War trademarks include the Bucket Brigade, Yarn Hunt, Team Banners, Zimriah, and the unforgettable Apache Relay.

Our Summer Programming and Trips
 Schedule is a reflection of our belief that
 every camper deserves the summer of their
 dreams, every summer! With an endless list of unparalleled weekly trips that are designed and crafted for each of our age groups, Camp Ariel’s 
trips and programs schedule is in a league of its own!

Special Trips / Night Activities

After an amazing and packed day of endless fun at Camp Ariel, our campers come back for a second dose at night! Beginning in the Kfir division and going through our Shachal and Aryeh Teens divisions, our campers enjoy a wide variety of exciting programming and trips in their respective divisions. As our campers get older, the frequency that their age division will go on these trips increases as well.

Optional Overnight Stay

Over the years, we have grown to brand a label that is truly unique in
that we fuse the day camp and sleepaway camp environments into one.
 The most prominent example of this is in our very popular optional over-
nights. From 3rd grade and on our campers have the option of joining 1 night and 2-night overnights to destinations like San Diego, La Jolla, Palm Springs, Oxnard and our very popular Teens trip to Lake Las Vegas!