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Our Final Machaneh Ariel Shuk of the yea
Gurim bounced around at Pump It Up for W

About Camp ArieL

Camp Ariel was established as a CoEd Zionist Orthodox Summer Camp. The cornerstones of the camp are our unparalleled staff, state of the art programming, and its genuine overnight feel.
Our key to success lies in the leadership of our administration and staff. We strongly believe in recruiting and mentoring the next generation of leaders in our community. The relationships that develop between campers and their counselors last into the year and beyond.
Camp Ariel has defined itself as a true hybrid between the sleepaway and day camp models. From its Teen/Shachal overnight trips and night activities to its daily minute to minute excitement, Camp Ariel has a top of the line program for each of its age groups.

Our unique approach to our informal educational programming is built over the year with a trendsetting vision and prepared experiential programs that follow our respective theme for the summer.

Camp Ariel has proven its success and has increased in size each year in its thirteen years. We know it's hard to believe, but, Summer 2022 is going to be the best ever!


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