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Our very popular Chinuch Program is led by the dynamic camper favorite Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan.  Over the course of the week, Rabbi Kaplan leads a myriad of programs with a truly impressive sense of dynamism, excitement and most of all a tremendous and never-ending supply of positive energy.  From his ‘pumped up davening’ to his ‘wacky Bracha Wednesdays’, Rabbi Kaplan has succeeded in a short time to bring and implement a wonderfully positive Chinuch program. The weekly program culminates with the very popular Friday Shuk, where our campers get to trade in their hard-earned bracelets for treats and prizes!


Sportsmanship, patience, resilience, and teamwork are key to an enjoyable camp experience!  Each week a different positive Midda/character trait will be selected to be emphasized amongst our campers and counselors at Camp Ariel. On Midda Mondays we will introduce the Midda of the week, offering an explanation, context, and examples from Torah personalities.  Throughout the week, we will put our learning into action!  Individuals exhibiting ownership and integration of the Midda in their behavior will be recognized and rewarded with points to be redeemed at Friday’s Shuk.


Strawberries?  Pringles?  Rock Candy?  Sushi?  Wacky Bracha Wednesday is a much-anticipated highlight of the Chinuch week!  Campers eagerly await a taste of the special food and the accompanying challenge to determine the appropriate Bracha.  Using overarching Halachik principles to establish the correct Bracha, Rabbi Kaplan teaches campers about guidelines surrounding Brachot on food and creates an enjoyable way to remember some unexpected Brachot.



Daily davening at Camp Ariel is a chance to get pumped up!  Energized by the counselors and Rabbi Kaplan, each bunk participates in an age-appropriate davening experience daily. Channeling the high energy and enthusiasm permeating the camp experience into davening, is an opportunity for campers to start their day right!


Friday Shuk is the exciting weekly culmination of Camp Ariel’s unique Chinuch program.  As campers participate in davening and learning throughout the week, they are recognized and awarded with colorful bracelets of different point values that can be traded in at the Friday Shuk for a fun array of toys, sports equipment, and snacks.  Chinuch bracelets, the hottest currency in Camp Ariel, can be seen lining campers arms as the proudly showcase their chinuch accomplishments, saving up from day to day – and sometimes from week to week – to cash out on the prizes at the Friday Shuk.

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