The Camp Ariel Team

Our Administration and Staff are of the highest priority. Our Administrative staff consists of leading Jewish educators from across the country who are committed and passionate about the primacy of the summer camp experience in our Modern Orthodox communities.



Yahel and Emunah Tsaidi have been passionately involved in bringing the summer camp experience back to the Los Angeles community. Between them, they have spent over 20 years in summer camps including Moshava, Camp Lavi and Camp Ariel in administrative roles. In fact, they got engaged at the camp lake 15  summers ago. They excitedly await the opportunity to make their 12th summer in Camp Ariel the best one yet.


Eli and Chaya Kenigsberg represent the essence of the Camp Ariel brand. Their warmth, genuine nature, and dedication to excellence have redefined the camp experience in our community. The Kenigsbergs arrived on the scene 13 years ago and haven’t slept a night since. Originally from New Jersey, the Kenigsbergs have managed to bring their brand of warmth and positive energy to our sunny state. Rabbi Kenigsberg is driven every day by his self-imposed expectation – to make every summer at Camp Ariel the best summer ever!



We are thrilled to welcome Seffi Arnan back to the Camp Ariel team! Seffi is a Graduate of Shalhevet high school and was a camper favorite as a counselor in Camp Ariel for many years. After high school, Seffi spent a few years in Israel where he joined the IDF. This summer Seffi will be rejoining camp as our Teen Director. Campers love Seffi for his never-ending energy and enthusiasm. We could not be more excited to welcome Seffi to the team!

We are thrilled to welcome Hillel Schoenfeld back to the Camp Ariel family! Hillel is joining the leadership team with a variety of camp experiences. He attended local day camps here in LA and took on leadership roles as a staff member. Hillel also spent many summers at Camp Moshava, Wild Rose. First as a camper, then as a counselor, sports supervisor, and finally as director of the high school program. We are excited for Hillel to join us for his third year on the leadership team and bring all of his camp experience, energy, warmth and passion, to Camp Ariel.